News & Announcements

Faculty Announcements

Allyson Nadia Field has helped to identify and bring to light Something Good - Negro Kiss (1898), a film which has now been added to the National Film Registry. 

Jacqueline Stewart has been appointed as the Kluge Chair in Modern Culture at the John W. Kluge Center, Library of Congress. This position is given to "scholars of great accomplishment chosen for their intellectual and communicative abilities." It provides a four-month period—from June to September 2020—when she will be in residence at the Library and able to pursue research in its collections.

Robert Bird has two Neubauer Collegium Faculty Research Projects in AY2019-2020: Experimental Monumentality (with F. Miguel Caballero Vázquez, Harper-Schmidt Fellow) and Revolutionology: Media and Networks of Intellectual Revolution (with James Farr, Northwestern University)

Jennifer Wild was interviewed by CMS alumni Matt Hauske on the archive and other matters in "Magical Marinade and Archival Puzzles"

Graduate Student Announcements

Alumni Joshua Yumibe's groundbreaking scholarship on early color films was featured in a recent article "Beyond Black and White"